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About Us

Cottage Relax


Our story:

Ann and I enjoy the quieter, calmer things in life. There’s enough busy, crazy in your typical day to day. In our free time, we take full advantage of everything in this area. Whether it’s spending time with friends, attending an event, traveling locally or just sitting on the porch watching the sunset. Come slow down at the Cozy Cottage and take in a little piece of heaven with us.

Why this property?

Ann and I were so lucky to purchase this Cozy Cottage recently and am excited to share all its benefits with others. We have lived in the immediate area for a long time and have been able to enjoy all the activities of the Northeast Wisconsin area. We welcome you to the Cozy Cottage on Green Bay!

Unique benefits:

When you live on Green Bay, you quickly learn that you are only a “guest” of hers (the waters of Green Bay). She wakes you in the morning with the gentle splashing of waves against the rocks and slowly absorbs the sun in the evening as it sets. She lets you play in her waters with boating, fishing or just floating lazily in the breeze. We respect her and are lucky she lets us live alongside her majesty.